Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Nice Day by the Ocean (part five)

Sunset and beyond. Bringing this one day sequence to an end, I was debating if I should include this top one or not since it is pretty much the same time frame as the last post and fairly similar, but I guess it's different enough to be worth a look... and the sky is rather nice. The second shot was literally an afterthought; walking back to my car to head home, I still had my camera and tripod over my shoulder and for kicks decided to stop and shoot this last view which is well after sunset. Reviewing my "digital negatives", it was a really dark exposure and I had no intent to even process it, but with some spare time the other day I started to play with it and was fairly happy in the end, if only because it puts the whole setting for the previous shots in some perspective and adds just a touch of civilization at the end. Looking north toward the settled part of La Jolla Cove... you can see some high rise condos and the lifeguard station off there in the distance.
I was also able to work on some texture studies/abstracts of the rock patterns in between these other shots, but will save those for another day and end this series here... time to move on. All in all a very productive afternoon. Wish they were all so.


Audrey said...

Your pictures are amazing. Was at your etsy shop - WOW!!

Amy Lilley Designs said...

They are all really are a GIFTED photographer!!!

all the best,

Unknown said...

Mark, I'm not afraid by similar shots and i'm happy to be able to see the top one.

The second is probably my real fav of all the serie. I really love the composition with the ocean in two parts, the rocks, the light on the builidings under the cloudy sky. I'd like to be the author of this photo.
That's fun that we include civilization in our seascapes at the same time.

I know the feeling about this last shot done while going back to the car :)

storybeader said...

In both of the images, the ocean looks so unusual, like it's freezing cold out, and there's mist coming off the water. I know it's beautiful, where you're shooting, but you make everything more attractive! {:-D

betchai said...

wow, i know exactly where you were standing it, but never been here at low tide, and your pictures are just amazing. i too like the contrast of the civilization and the rocks and the ocean. Just lovely.

Unknown said...

Simply gorgeous, as usual.

I chose you for the Lemonade Award (if you go for that sort of thing) by the way. Details here:

Mark Alan Meader said...

Thanks a lot guys..

Audrey: Welcome and thanks for looking!

Amy: Welcome back.. am honored that you enjoy my work.

Patrick: You'd appreciate all the work I went through processing this one.. more for fun than out of necessity. Was not bracketing exposures this day (with the moving water) so I processed the RAW 5 times to create a "pseudo-HDR". Won't go into all the details, but you know.

SBeader: Some people don't realize how beautiful the light can be at dusk.. you just have to stick around after most everyone else has gone home. My favorite time.

Betchai: I'm sure you know his spot... it's great fun at low tide. Thanks a lot.

Grottogirl: Thanks for stopping back and for mentioning me on your awards list at your site. Appreciate it much!

Jackie said...

Hi Mark,
Wow your work just blows me away. In 2 years my husband and I have plans to travel all over and do nothing but photography.

I can't wait. My subject and reach is very limited now.

And thank you very much for letting me know about the link.

I forgot to link it!!

Here you go.

I can't wait to see your work!!:-)

MeiYah said...

wow.... such a beautiful scene... great shot ha...

Ashrays said...

I'm all for the top shot as it shows what a wonderful job nature makes in sculpting our world.

Parts that so often go unnoticed except to a talented photographer.
Only reinforced by the bottom shot where nature meets man-made.

Lynda Lehmann said...

Gorgeous and accomplished photography, Mark!

BURAOT said...

nice pictures you got here. they're awesome!

i just noticed the link. thank you for grabing my badge. i'll add your site on my entredropper drop list tonight when i update it.