Sunday, October 31, 2010

Warm and Cool

I hope everyone is not too tired of fall scenery yet, because I have a lot of it coming up:) I must say, it's really good to get back to creating some new work after taking most of the year off to deal with moving and resettlement issues.  All that stuff is pretty much set for now, so with luck I can stay on a creative roll for a while.  The weather is finally changing here in the mountains as we get later into the fall and I should be able to find some interesting subjects locally as we move into winter.
We were lucky to pick just the right time and the right area to stay in Utah this year.. I could get up before the sun and drive only a couple of minutes down the road each morning to a great spot for the twilight and first light, then return to the lodge for breakfast, allowing my wife to sleep in and not have to stand around freezing and bored. The colors were absolutely peak perfect everywhere and even the weather cooperated; that's usually the wild card that you can't do anything about, given the narrow time frame of the trees' schedule.  I found a great variety of subjects within this one small area, which is always a convenient and relaxing way to work and bagging some good shots early makes the rest of the day seem more relaxed.. kind of takes off the pressure to get out and find that perfect scene and light.
I decided to leave the slight blue cast of the cold early morning light in the brighter areas of this image.. it makes for such a nice color combination with the yellow of the aspens and the cool green grass; kind of a fantasy look in the soft light.   


Gaelyn said...

Love the contrasting colors. The aspen were stunning on the NR also. Hope you are ready for winter.

The Retired One said...

It reminds me so much of where I live (in the U.P.of Michigan)...I took a zillion shots this fall here, it was magnificent for color this year.
Loved your shot of this scene..what a great place to sit and meditate for a bit!

Cait said...

I love the cool color temperature as well. Beautiful aspens!

Ashrays said...

Like the decision to leave the colour cast, one of the occasions when it works really well! I've just been debating the exact same blue cast thing on the shot I've just posted I kept it in also.
Keep the fall shots coming not boring in the least. Like the rocks and reflections also :)

I'm not the only one changing things ;) liking your revamped header very swish!

Jeannette StG said...

Color combi is intirguing and unusual!

The Astral Cowboy said...

love the light play of the reflection of the rocks on the water.

Unknown said...


I'm really tired now but that's just because i've spent the last 2 nights driving to cross France from north to South and from South to North.

If that's just for me you can continue to post such quiet and beautiful scenery every day :)

Not always easy to find good locations for all the family :)