Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Snow

It's been a really unusual winter here in the San Jacinto Mountains.. the real winter months were mostly warm and dry; now that it's spring, we've had several pretty good snow storms.  I usually don't expect to shoot scenes like this in mid-April, but here you go, this one is from last Saturday.  Now, it's back into the 70° range and the snow is already gone... go figure. This, and a couple more from the same day, will probably be my last opportunity for snow scenes this year, but that's o.k., because I am actually quite happy with a few from this day.


desertsandbeyond said...

Ah, yes...I drove up to Anza on Sunday and the snow was quickly melting. Beautiful capture, Mark! I'd love to see your gallery sometime after school is over for the year and I actually have some TIME to do the things I want to do!
~~Cheryl Ann~~

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Beautiful scene and we also had a very different kind of winter, light snow 3 times, no more than 5 inches either time. Very warm temps for the season and spring blossoms arrived a good month early. Your image quality always superb!

Gaelyn said...

We had snow Saturday also but it didn't really stick to the ground.

Nice shot. I won't be sad to see the snow go even though we really need the moisture. And I'm sure to see more of it soon at the North Rim.

Unknown said...

Beautiful scene Mark, reminds me a few months ago. Here the spring is rainy, sometimes hot, sometimes not :)