Friday, August 24, 2012

Warm Light on Big Sur

Wanting to print some new greeting cards for the gallery; I am going through some old folders and getting kind of nostalgic for the ocean, since I haven't done much down there recently.  This evening scene is from Big Sur, just south of Carmel, a few years ago. Found a nice outcropping here where I could get some cool views back towards the cliffs. Right down behind where I was standing, is a tiny beach where you can get an iconic shot of a pair of off-shore sea stacks that I have seen done many, many times. Kind of hairy to get down there though and someone was already there, so I had to try something different.
This is one of those spots where you don't want to forget where your feet are while shooting, or you might have an unpleasant surprise:)


roentare said...

Seriously, this is such a tremendous landscape photograph. The HDR is probably applied. The nice long exposure revealing that silky water. The glowing feel was also vibrant to look at. Simply gorgeous.

Juliana said...

Great view!
super place & picture

xoxo, Juliana

magiceye said...

This is brilliant work James!

Lowell said...

A postcard. Love that area of California. I'd say that this particular area would be a bit scary for taking photos, though.

Unknown said...

I haven't been to Big Sur in a while. The last time was four years ago on one of the buses on my way to Monterey. Thanks for bringing the memory back!