Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall: New England Style

Pond and Woods, Colrain, Massachusetts
Around October 1, I would normally be heading out to Utah and Arizona for my fall road trip, but this year, it came to my attention that I had not been home to Massachusetts to visit my family and hometown for 11 years!   I've become so western-centric over time that I almost forget that there is some pretty beautiful scenery to be had back in the old country.. anyway, I ended up on a slight detour to New England this year.  I knew, however, that between visiting with family and old friends that I would have very little opportunity to get out alone and do any serious photo work, and that's o.k... I decided before leaving that I wasn't going to worry about it and just go with the flow and be real casual about it. 
We were a little early to catch the real, peak color, but it was still very pretty in spots and it was nice to enjoy the totally different vibes of the northeast for a week. I may or may not get in a belated trip to Utah before the snow flies (although it already did here where we live inCalifornia... 2" on October 10!).. depends on work and weather, etc. Of course, the fall colors will be all done and the national parks are all closed now anyway and who know when they will reopen the way things are going, so maybe a winter trip at the end of the year is more appropriate... we'll see.


roentare said...

This is gorgeous looking reflection. Artistic and poetic.

Unknown said...

Best view to see with the best combo of water with trees.
lainaa nopeasti

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Oh so very, very beautiful!

Mark Alan Meader said...

Thanks, Mary. Been following your trip through the west ...nice.

Mark Alan Meader said...

Thanks, Mary. Been following your trip through the west ...nice.