Thursday, July 15, 2010

End of an Era

One of the last seascapes I made before moving away from San Diego.  Kind of an uninspired shot, at least to me, perhaps because I know pretty much every person in the city with a camera and tripod has probably shot this scene at some time.. I tried to resist but finally stopped on the way home one night when the timing seemed right.
Actually I am still back in town more than I had planned to deal with clients and the wife still wants to shop there, but I guess that is not altogether a bad thing... good to be busy.  Anyway, this is sort of my farewell postcard shot.
Still struggling to get out and do some new work, or even dig up and write about older stuff on here recently.. my mind is always on something still to be done around the new house.. summer is short here in the mountains and I need to finish some things while the finishing is good.
Probably it's the change of pace and quiet surroundings after so many years of city life in Boston and SD, but I am also inspired to be wading back into the weird and esoteric world of large format film photography.. something I have not done for more years than I want to talk about. (Not giving up digital completely, no way). But, it was the thing that first inspired me while in school and many of the photographers that did originally or still do impress me work in that medium, so I'm going to give it another go as soon as I can assemble a workable rig out of some old equipment I already have and some newer stuff too.  I have some thoughts about how I want to work with it and at the very least it should make for some real interesting topics of discussion here soon.  Filter factors, bellows factors, depth of field, reciprocity... my head hurts already!  Stay tuned:)