Monday, August 2, 2010

Tree and Hoodoos (Diggin' in the Archives)

Southern Utah, just inside the east entrance of Zion N.P., from Fall, 2008. I realized I have a good number of exposures from this trip that I have never even processed, let alone printed. I guess I was so concentrated on the foliage shots when I got home that I put some of this other, less seasonal stuff on the back burner and never went back.  Late September - early October in the area is just about as good as it gets if you love the outdoors (and photography)... the foliage of the aspens in the high country, the brisk air and the soft light are all truly outstanding. In this particular area you can park by the road, gather your gear and wander freely up on the rocks for hours without being disturbed by another soul, while you explore the amazing shapes and textures.  I really have to get back there this fall.
I'm still a few weeks away (I know, I keep saying that.. but seems like it never ends) from finishing up critical work on the new house and finally getting free to make some trips, so I'll be relegated to retracing more old steps in the meantime.