Sunday, November 10, 2013

Embracing the Tradition

I always try to support (and preach whenever I get a chance) keeping our great film photography tradition alive.  I was really pleased to see this well done new website promoting large-format photography pop up on my Facebook feed yesterday, and thought I would spread the word by sharing it here: Eastern Sierra Center for Photography.
They also have links to a small collection of traditional film/large-format related videos on YouTube, and I found this documentary about Edward Weston to be just so good in so many ways.. a little old fashioned in style maybe, being 1948 and all, but everything is still so dead-on true and a perfect expression of what drew me to photography more than 35 years ago now.  Some, who only got into photography when digital cameras came along, will get a lot out of this and see how visionaries like Weston and Adams took photography far beyond what had been a simple documentary/recording process into the realm of fine art.  It's only a half hour and well worth your time.  Thanks to ESC4P for digging this up and please do visit their site.
For those of you that do Facebook and are interested, check out the "Large Format Photography" group, too.
Just for fun, watch the location backgrounds and see if you can spot this formation in Death Valley that I posted a shot of several years ago.
Hope you enjoy as much as I did!