Sunday, December 14, 2008

C'mon Nikon...

I love your products, but where's your answer to the Canon 5D-MkII? Not the $8000 D3x, I hope? I, and probably many others, have been waiting for a full frame, 20+ MP camera body for under $3000 and Canon got the jump on this one. I know the D300 and the D700 are both excellent and will do the job, but neither is enough to get me into a new-purchase mode from what I already have. I don't normally talk about what equipment I use because I think it's kind of ludicrous in a way to worry more about the tools than the art itself, but there comes a time for everyone at some point, to take advantage of better equipment. I prefer Nikon for their design and ergonomics, I don't want to start over with Canon, and I thought Nikon was actually ahead of Canon for a little bit there with the D300 and D3, but the 5DII is a major challenge. Non-action/sports shooters, especially landscapers, will be looking hard and waiting eagerly to see what Nikon can come up with in the near future. I bet(hope) that they have something on the drawing boards for early next year... we'll see!

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