Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pure and Simple

It's back... Winter that is.  Being February, most of you will say: "What do you mean back?.. it never left where we are!"  Well, we like our variety of climate here in southern California.  After a few weeks of warm and dry weather, we got hammered with over a foot of snow at our house and much more a bit higher up... and out in the forest, where I spent the whole day on Sunday stomping around in pristine white powder with my cameras. In fact, after the last shot of the day and towards dusk, I still had to hike quite a bit uphill to get back to the road and was really struggling the last bit. Walking around in the snow loaded with gear starts to take it toll.. it sure felt a lot harder going up late than it did going down earlier:)
I was working for a while early with my digital camera and then switched later to film, so we'll have to wait a week or two to see what I got there.  I'm pretty pleased with 4-5 of these digital shots, though... especially this one.  I think it does pretty well what I am always aiming for (with mixed success, of course).. pure design, texture and tone.  Looks like a watercolor painting, doesn't it? (And quite a contrast to the subject of my last few posts.)
I shot this vertically too; it seems to work in any format.. horizontal, vertical or square and I can see this one on the wall printed *large*.
I'm still digging out day by day from this storm.. just got the driveway shoveled and the car back into the garage tonight!


Carol Mattingly said...

Someone still uses film. Ahhh, be still my heart. Carol

trav4adventures said...

Mark, yes, it is a lovely shot! We still use film, too, by the way! Wasn't all the snow delightful? (although you had to struggle through it)...I loved seeing the snow up by Pinyon, on Highway 74 and at Joshua Tree NP.
~~Cheryl Ann~~

Gaelyn said...

I like the stark contrast of the red furrowed bark and the soft snow. Funny how quick the weather can change. Snow here over the weekend brought at least a couple inches.

Unknown said...

"pure design, texture and tone"
You're totallt right Mark. I love it !