Thursday, September 22, 2011

SkyWatch: Kalaloch Sunset

An off-hand shot from our Olympic Peninsula trip, taken on my iPhone:-o. Yes, further proof that being in the right place at the right time (and realizing it) is always step #1, before concerns about equipment.  That said, shame on me for not appreciating a potentially great shot and being too lazy to walk a few feet back to our car and haul out my regular gear. Thing is, it was cold and windy and I was kind of tired after a long day:( Because of that, I'm afraid this one will never make it to the gallery wall, except as a framed mini-print or maybe as a greeting card. Other than the horizontal crop, image is straight out of my camera/phone as-shot, with the handy "HDR" feature turned on.
Taken literally 50 ft. from the exact location in my previous post, at Kalaloch beach (pronounced "clay-lock"), in far western Washington. Different day, different time of day... during a rest stop on the way back to our lodge near La Push, after spending a day around Lake Quinault to the south. You'll notice on closer look, that the sun in the moment captured here is actually setting behind an off-shore fog bank (which most nights was not so "off-shore"). Click for a larger view, and I'll talk later about the amazing fields of giant driftwood that you get a taste of in this scene.
"Kalaloch", in the native Quinault language, means something along the lines of "sheltered landing" or "canoe launch place"..I guess you can see why.
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TorAa said...

I think you have captured very well with you iPhone.
We happend to go by boat from Seattle to Victoria in July, and had the most spectacular views towards the Olympic Mountan Range

clairz said...

Pure loveliness. I have very fond memories of some wonderful times at the Quinault Lodge.

Kim, USA said...

This is stunning. I so love this one.

Peach Sky

Al said...

That is a fantastic shot, from an iPhone no less! We are planning on visiting that area next time we're in Seattle.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Very nice shot... especially with an iPhone!

The Retired One said...

This could very well still make it on the gallery wall...I love it. LOL