Monday, January 9, 2012

And the Winner Is?

Just before sunset, a particular lone tree standing in the glassy water caught my attention... and I decided to stay put in this one spot and work with it as many ways as possible in the perfect part of the twilight. This quality of light only lasts for a very short short period, so you don't really have precious minutes to be wandering around looking for subjects.. better to be already committed to it and set up.
I usually stick with one pic per post, but thought I would show two side-by-side here today, because this is a very good example of how the same subject can be interpreted in such different ways by changing lenses, composition, subject emphasis and timing.
I don't really have to choose between these of course; they would both make nice prints (and I actually have two or three other variations too), but if I did, I'm really not sure yet which I would select. I would love to hear your opinions about which one works better to your eye... and even a little bit about why you think so, if someone feels like taking the time to give it some thought. An opinion poll for me and a bit of a creative exercise for you, as it were:)


Carlos said...

Las dos fotos me gustan cada una tiene lo suyo.
Para mi la primera tiene más impacto visual.

Me hubiera gustado que tuviera (En la primera) más aire en la parte superior y también en la inferior para poder tomar todo el árbol en el espejo del agua.

Un abrazo.

Unknown said...

I think i'd take the wide angle one. That's just my opinion and just now :)

betchai said...

oh wow, such beautiful photos, both are really beyond beautiful for me, but if I would have to choose just one, the first picture speaks more to me simply because of the enlarged tree, i see its twisting more clearly and the colors of the grass sharper, but the second picture, the sky looks so amazing, both are wonderful!

Gaelyn said...

I find the first one more dramatic focusing on the one tree lined up nicely with the receding grasses behind.
Nice to see you post more than one shot.

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Any and all of them were winners, but yes, I can see why you may have chosen this one...what amazing colours in all of them, yet this one truly plays with emotion and the sky, the light, the water, all worked together in perfect harmony of nature, singing just for you to share with us, of the glory~

Ashrays said...

For me it's the first one.... mainly because the small amount of cloud reflection hints at an impressive sky which draws the eye towards the top of the shot. But then the tree and the reeds act as a stopper slowing your eye down keeping it in shot and bringing it back down into the shot.

The second although technically not dead space? because of the amount of cloud reflection, that cloud leads my eye out of shot to the top right and it doesn't want to bounce back into shot quite the same as in the first. Both lovely shots though!

Keeping in mind and you know my work I could be talking a load of .... because I don't know what I'm talking about :)

Ashrays said...

oh and the reflection of the tree topshot gives leading lines, combined with the actual tree gives implied diagonals keeping the eye in shot

P said...

The top one for me, as the eye is drawn to the subject a wee bit better.....thats in my very humble opinion of course, as they are both cracking pictures.

Martha Z said...

Both are lovely but I think if I had to choose it would be the first one.