Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ancient and Twisted

My wife and I were out for a casual hike last Saturday, near home on a little nature loop trail I've never explored. Just up a bit beside the trail, I spotted this amazing and obviously really old manzanita skeleton.  I've never come across one with this huge of a trunk; more like the size of a tree.  With or without bark and leaves, I always love the shapes and texture of these bushes, especially the large ones.  I definitely want to go back and reshoot this properly, when the light is less harsh, either late in the day or when there are some thin clouds in the sky to take the edge off. Monochrome tends to be more forgiving of less-than-ideal light than color, but even so, it never feels quite right unless the light is interesting to begin with.


Gaelyn said...

That's a manzanita? At first I thought it was a bristlecone. Nice to find in your own backyard.

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Re-shoot properly...are you kidding;) this is a fantastic shot! Yet, I know what you mean too, always looking for another try. And besides a walk like this would most certainly be worth the rewards of even seeing the beauty once again. Happy Easter~

betchai said...

i also thought it is a bristlecone, have never seen manzanita in that form, very interesting. i think your shot is so perfect, but then, i am not a pro so i may not know the deeper details you are looking for, since for me, the shadows look so fantastic and dramatic, i would be so happy and proud if i have this shot :)

Happy Easter.