Friday, June 1, 2012

Santa Rosa Plateau 2 - Vernal Pool

Vernal pools are small ponds that form, not from natural springs or a stream/river flow, but the collection of winter rains or snow melt and are usually at their highest point in the spring ("vernal" meaning spring).  There are some fairly large ones in this ecological reserve area, but if you go anytime other than late winter/early spring, they are likely to be dry, as was the case last time I was here. Then, it becomes a big, dry bed of cracked mud and no life.  This image is from a couple of years ago, when it was pretty full and teeming with life. No fish here, but amphibians and some other creatures have adapted to the temporary but protected nature of the environment, like this little guy that I caught swimming in the reeds. (Sorry, I don't know the species).


Gaelyn said...

Nice to see water. The vernal pools on the Kaibab Plateau meadows are almost dried up already. Nice shot with the snake.

Unknown said...

Wow Mark, love this one !

Looks to be done from inside the pond !

abbott.simth said...

Vernal pool so interesting also visiting place shared we can be know that and used it in this place. Most of the people are enjoying in this place.

blå blomst