Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Stormy Day Ends

Such a beautiful sky and light here after a very rainy day.   Took probably an hour and a half of slow driving over the rough dirt track to get to this point.. just a half mile or so past here, the valley road ends at the main highway. Only problem, there is a normally dry wash that was flowing like a river after a couple days of heavy rain, literally 50 yards from the road. No way I wanted to drive all the way back to the other end, especially in the dark, so I trusted my Jeep to perform like it does in the commercials... drove it through the water and up the last little section to the main road and off north towards Blanding.   Next day, the ruins I've wanted to shoot for years were unreachable, also due to rain runoff blocking the trail and making it too dangerous to try to cross.

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