Monday, October 30, 2017

Autumn Revival

Evening light on the foliage at Silver Lake, Eastern Sierra.

Fall always seems to remind me that the old blog is still here and I should post something new at least once in a while, so here we go with a few recent images.
This shot is from my first time out in the field with the mirrorless Fujifilm-X digital system, since ditching Nikon.  I'll keep my old Nikon gear to use in my home studio for product work, since it's very adequate for that and so familiar, but I am so far very happy with the smaller size, lightness and quality of the Fuji gear. It is SO much easier to travel and hike with the downsized kit. My medium format gear is gone, too.. I'll use only the 4x5 from now on when I want to shoot film.
I've always thought that shooting RAW is the only way to go, but under normal conditions it hardly seems necessary with the Fuji.. the jpegs right out of the camera are so crazy good.. dynamic range, color and sharpness, that I hardly have to mess with the exposures at all, as I have been in the habit of doing. Fuji of course has lots of experience with film, and their built-in film simulations cover all the classics: Velvia, Provia, ACROS, and a few more...and they do look really good with no fussing.

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