Monday, January 25, 2010

No Go for the Snow Show

My effort to find some pristine, fresh snow-covered landscapes last weekend was basically a bust. I've been wanting to work on some wide angle, white-on-white winter scenes, a la Andrew Wyeth's watercolors of Pennsylvania's woods and fields. I should have realized that half of the residents of San Diego would be heading out with their kids and dogs to play in the snow, all on the same day and to approximately the same spot. One of the two main roads was closed to anyone without chains (I lived half my life in New England where it snows 5 months of the year and never once used chains!), so the other road was so congested with cars and people that it became pretty hopeless for my purposes. Oh well, try again on a weekday and get there really early, I guess. Anyway, I didn't even pull my gear out of the car, just snagged a few quickies near the end of the day with my trusty iPhone, this being the most interesting. Never leave home without it.
From this spot, the ocean would be found beneath that little break in the clouds just at the horizon.. about 50 miles to the west and 4500ft. in elevation below. The peaks in this area can be easily seen on a clear day from where I live in the city. Believe it or not, the following day we were taking a pleasant, sunny walk on the beach.. we really do have it all around here.


storybeader said...

a beautiful photo nevertheless, and with an iphone! That one scrubby tree looks lonely.. Hard to tell the time of day.

The Retired One said...

Very nice photo, hard to believe you took it with your iphone!
Fabulous sky!!!

Dario said...

Excelent Shot. Is it form an iphone? Great!

Thomas Babcock said...

I phone or not Its a great photo. I believe we are given moment in time. You were given this one. I have three years of art ( did not finish) And I have been taking photos for two years. I would have killed for that moment ( not really ) very nice.