Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Colorful Contrast

Driving on the main road into Hoh Rain Forest, this colorful fungus stood out so much from the background of the dark woods, that it caught my eye even from the car.  I made a mental note (as I often do) but didn't stop at the time.  Some days later I had kind of forgotten it, when we passed the same spot again with the same result, so on our way back out the second time, I finally stopped and and took a few exposures. Bright sunlight filtered through the thick growth of forest provided the natural highlights, which I think gives this scene that little extra bit of interest. Although I was fighting the "hot" sun spots a lot in other locations because of the clear weather, totally flat lighting on this one wouldn't have been as good.
In a week's worth of driving and hiking through lots of forest, I never saw another one anything like this.


DVArtist said...

ohhhh this is so pretty. Great shot of color and depth.

Unknown said...

Stopping there was for sure a good idea Mark :)
How big is that tree ???

You know i spent (and still spend) a bit amount of time in Jura forest. I saw some amazingly colorful fungus on some old trunks but i'm sure they are not so big than this one.

Unknown said...

Beautiful Fungi Mark. I have not seen too much so far this year, think we have been a little dry. Loved catching up with your other photo's too and hope you and yours are all ok :)

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Ahhh Fungi, doing it's thing, always varied textures and colourations to had interest to an ordinary plant life...very nice~

The Retired One said...

fantastic fungi!