Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Dawn at Bryce

Spend and day or two at Bryce Canyon, listening to other visitors' reactions and a phrase you will probably hear a lot is: "I think this is even better than than the Grand Canyon!". I wouldn't argue with that opinion. Although the Grand Canyon is much larger and is definitely one of the wonders of the world to be seen by everyone at least once if possible, Bryce is equally impressive with it's intricate hoodoo amphitheaters and multi-colored layers and textures. Even better, it's very easy to hike down into the canyon where you really get the sense of being in another world.
For this shot, I was just below the canyon rim at dawn on a July morning. This especially colorful sunrise started to happen while I was scoping out angles back towards the hoodoos and was lucky enough to be on an outcropping where there were these great gnarly old trees to use as a foreground against the sky. Definitely one of those situations where I end up running around like a madman for the brief ten minutes or so that the light and sky are perfect.
Processed twice from the RAW image file; once for the sky and once for the foreground, then merged to preserve detail.

"Canyon Dawn"-Utah, 2007


roentare said...

This is a very good photography with excellent colour metering and exposure. Beautiful shot

Mark Alan Meader said...

Thank you for looking and thanks for your comments, Roentarre.

Lynda Lehmann said...

Great job! It's a gorgeous shot!

I never shoot on RAW. Do you recommend it?

Mark Alan Meader said...

Hi Lynda:
I guess it depends on how comfortable you are with Photoshop(or other RAW editor), and how you ultimately present your work, but I would say absolutely yes if want to get the most out of your efforts. Plus, it totally frees you from worrying about the settings in your camera for contrast, color, vibrance, sharpness, etc. How many times have you forgotten to change one of those then found your shots spoiled or badly compromised? You can adjust jpegs to some degree of course but it's much more limited. I realize many people don't want to mess with every single image, but if your goal is high quality prints, it is no question the way to go.

Lynda Lehmann said...

Thanks for your input, Mark! It's high quality I'm after, and if shooting RAW will help, I'm all for it. I'll have to look into it some more.

Happy shooting!